Emerging Black Star: Gerald Jackson – Founder of 247competition

Gerald Jackson is the founder of 247competition, an app that provides a platform for athletes to connect with each other for any reason, click here to visit the website.  Click here to watch a video about the app. Connect with him on LinkedIn & follow him on Twitter

Tell me a little bit about your current career and what your future ambitions are?

Right now I currently enjoy my day job doing digital work at Redbox, 9 – 5 pm. Before and after work I usually work on freelance projects, websites, mobile apps, and most importantly my startup 247competition.com. I would say my future ambitions come from the day to day work I put in now with my startup and playing basketball. I envision myself growing @247Competition around the world, while playing basketball overseas.

What sparked your passions?

I was always inquisitive, a Lego kid, and my mother’s only child. So I think just being curious and never wanting to be in a box. Mobility means everything to me; I just want to give my all so that I never have to say to some kid one day “Chase your dreams because I didn’t”. I want to be comfortable knowing I gave my all day in day out.

What are some challenges you have faced in your professional life?

Dealing with student loans, having mentors that may not see your vision, dealing with jobs that don’t necessarily cater directly to your true passion, the usual stuff early entrepreneurs go through I guess.

What do you want people to know about you?

I am very committed and loyal when I am on your team , I like to finish things I start, I am deep in my faith- without God I would be lost in this secular rat race.

What makes you an Emerging Black Star in the Chicago community?

I truly believe when I strike oil, I will be a vessel and truly show people at an early age how to hone in on any craft and take care of their family. I like to say to myself, “They gave the wrong kid the blue print,” because I never knew I would graduate from Howard, and have all this new knowledge. I’m also from the south side of Chicago so I really know what’s up if I didn’t go to college.

What are three words that describe you?

Inquisitive, stubborn, and dynamic.

How can people work with you?

gj@247competition.com I read all my emails and converse with anyone, as that saying goes, “You get as far as the people you talk to for no reason.” That has a different meaning to everyone. For me, it means that you can learn anything from anybody at any given second. People can also reach out through my digital team at cheetahbrixxs.com

What words of wisdom do you have for boys and girls who may want to follow in your path?

Nobody will understand you; just make sure you understand you the most. Understand your limits, understand our strengths and weaknesses. Most of all see things for what it could be, not what it currently is.


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